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Increase high traffic on the blog

How to Increase high traffic on the blog:

Are you also thinking about How to increase high traffic on the blog? Do you want high traffic on your blog? Are you not getting good traffic? If you want to know the answers to all these questions, then you come to the right place. I will solve all the queries and tell you about Increase high traffic on the blog

Here you will be given the answers to all your questions. I am going to tell you such effective ways, using which you can bring a lot of high traffic to your blog.

Every blogger wants "High Traffic on The Blog". But Why are they don’t getting success to get traffic? Because they don’t know the right technique.


Today I will tell you about the Technique that will bring traffic to your blog. This Technique is used by Pro Blogger. With this technique, they are getting thousands of views and earn millions of rupees every day.

How to Increase High Traffic On The Blog

In the beginning, all new bloggers waste a lot of time just designing their blogs. And without any research, they create posts and pages on the blog.

Due to which the initial hard work of new bloggers is wasted and in early times, traffic does not come on the blog.

After setting up the blog with little research, If you write an SEO Friendly Blog Post and work on increasing the traffic, then good traffic will soon start coming to the blog.

Today I tell you some best methods to get high traffic on the blog. Using this method some people are earning very high & today they are top in the field of blogging so please read all the methods carefully.

1) User-Friendly Blog Design

Importance: At the beginning of blogging, the most important thing for us is to create a professional-looking blog design.

You would not know that a person judges anything with his looks first, and professional bloggers know this very well. It has also been told in a study that 38% of visitors leave your blog without reading it because its design is not attractive. That is why make your blog user friendly first.

How to make blog design user friendly:

■ Use fast loading themes such as GeneratePress or Astra (For WordPress) and use Goyabbi Templates (For Blogger).

■ Make blog design simple and easy.

■ Do not show unwanted links on the blog.

■ Do not show excessive ads on the blog.

■ Be sure to add links to all the pages and categories of the blog in the navigation menu To make it easy for the user to reach them.

■ Do not use too much color on the blog So use only your main 1-2 colors.

■ The option of the latest post in the sidebar of the blog so that the user does not miss any post. This will lower your bounce rate.

2) Perfect Keyword Research

Importance: If you have designed your blog well then after you have to focus on writing posts. But keep in mind that first, you should do keyword research on the topic in which you want to write the post.

Because the topic in which you are going to write a post, If no one searches for that topic, then all your hard work will go into the water. Perfect keywords wil 100% help you in Increase high traffic on the blog.

How to do keyword research:

Search the topic on Google yourself and see its related posts.

Google search suggestion also helps you in searching for keywords.

Use free keyword research tools like Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest.

Use Advance SEO tools like Semrush and KW Finder because this will help you in doing advanced keyword research.

Always try to write a post on long-tail keywords only.

Select only those keywords whose search value is high but competition is low.

3) Write High Quality Content

Importance: The most important part of any blogger is its content. If you want to leave your competition behind, then you have to keep your content high quality.

Writing a blog post is fun. if you pay attention to the quality of the post, then you can get good traffic on your blog. You must have heard that "Content is King", So work on quality content and quality content surely helps you to Increase high traffic on the blog.

The bounce rate and returning users are very important for blog ranking. The more users visit your blog again, then Google gets the message that this blog has good high quality content. If your content is not good then the users will not visit your blog again.

Use "On-page Seo" while writing your post, in this way you can get lots of views from search engine every month and it will increase blog traffic.

How to write High Quality content on a blog?

First of all, Do goof research on the topic and collect as much data as possible.

You can write Seo Friendly posts using On-Page Seo.

Avoid writing big paragraphs in content and write short paragraphs.

Use the H1-H6 heading in the content so that the user can understand your

content better.

You can use the Yoast Seo WordPress plugin to write your post.

Must use photos and infographics in content.

Provide correct and complete information in the content.

Do not make content boring in the context of writing more words.

Write the content exactly as we explain it face-to-face to someone.

Use conversion tone words like me, us, and you.

4) Write Long Article

Importance: In research, it has been seen that articles that have good length are ranked well in search engines like Google.

You can use your main keyword many times in the long article and due to its length, our article becomes worthy to ranked in search engines. So always write at least 700 words in the article.

Benefits of writing a long article

■ You can give more information to your user.

■ Users will visit your article frequently.

■ User trust on your blog will be created.

One thing to keep in mind that don’t do more keyword stuffing in your article and Try to give good information to your user. Google always advises keeping the content clean and tidy.

5) Use Social Media to get High Traffic

Importance: Traffic is not only on Google, but there are many more platforms that have millions of people visit in a day. Such platforms are called social media.

Every day, millions of people visit big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For example, 200 million people are using Facebook. So you must have to pay attention to these social media platforms as well.

Below, I am going to tell you how traffic can be brought through social media

How to get traffic from social media?

Be the first to create your account on social media.

Create a page related to your blog.

Start putting daily posts on the page, So that people will start visiting your page.

Share every post on your blog on social media.

Add a link to the blog on your social media profile and page.

Try to win the hearts of people on social media.

6) Create Backlinks

Importance: You know very well that backlinks increase the domain authority. This backlink brings traffic to your blog and You will get Targeted traffic from these backlinks.

If your domain authority is good then it will help your post to get a high-rank in Search Engine and Which will give you direct organic traffic on your blog.

What is Backlink and why is it important for SEO?

You can write guest posts to build backlinks.

Comment on other websites which is related to Niche.

Writing quality content on the blog also gives backlink, if someone uses our post in an external link.

7) Join Forums & Q&A Websites

Importance: This method is used by everyone. You can join the Q&A sites related to your Niche. Many people ask questions on these sites So you can answer them by giving the link to your blog.

Apart from that, there are some big websites like Quora. Here you can answer all the related questions to your niche.

How to get traffic from the Forum/Q&A website?

First of all, create your account on the forums website.

Be active daily on these websites.

Find the related question of your blog topic and give an answer to everyone one by one.

While answering the people, Add a link of your blog post which is related to that question.

Answer the questions with complete and correct information.

Millions of people are using Quora daily, so increase your traffic from Quora.

8) Use Internal Links

Importance: You can get good views by using internal linking So You can add links of your old Valuable posts in the new posts. This will have a good effect on your website and the user will visit your website again and again,

Google also likes internal links and Due to this, It will be easy for Googlebot to understand your website.

What is an internal link and why is it important for SEO?

This is a good way to bring views to your old posts.

Helps build user trust.

Posts made internal friendly become SEO friendly.

User stays on our website more time.

9) Build Trust

Importance: If a blog or any business does not have trust in the people, then it will never be successful. Because people think 100 times before buying anything. if people try on you, they believe in your opinion without thinking.

How to Build Trust?

■ Be the first to design a blog professional.

■ Then even if the post is written less, whenever it is written, write high quality.

■ Always give a real solution to problems in the post.

■ Please reply to the comments of the people.

■ Know the problem of people on social media and give them their solution.

■ Always respect your every visitor, no matter how bad they say to you.

■ Only when you become an expert in your work, people will start trusting you.

Conclusion: Hope you understood well about how to Increase High Traffic On The BlogPlease let me know If you have any doubts.

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