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Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

Today in this article we will discuss how to write SEO friendly blog post. It is very important to write SEO Friendly articles to rank in search engines. If you want to rank your post too! then What is SEO for you? It is very important to know about it. You can learn about this by clicking on this link.

Every blogger wants his article to be ranked in the search engine, this can only happen when you write good blog posts. Writing such a post is not an easy task, it takes a lot of hard work and techniques. Today we are going to tell you about the techniques of writing posts. So let's start and know about "How to write SEO friendly Post"

How to write SEO Friendly blog post?

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

SEO means, Search Engine Optimization. When we optimize our article according to a search engine so that our Post will rank on the Search Engine result page and more and more users visit our blog.

1. Keyword Research

Before writing any article, First, you have to do keyword research

What is the keyword?  When you are searching on google to get some information then that is the keyword. If you search "Inverter AC" then "Inverter AC" is a keyword.

You can use Google Keyword Planner for free and remember one thing that always chose low competition keywords.

How to Write SEO friendly Blog Post

2. SEO Friendly Blog Post Title

To write SEO friendly blog post it is very important to optimize the title while writing the post, use your keyword in the title of your post. This helps Post to rank in Search Engine. The search engine is able to understand your article very well what is mentioned in your article.

The title of the post should be such that on seeing the user, he should understand what he will get in this post. When any user searches in google, first they see the title of your post. Therefore it is very important for your title to be unique and attractive.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

3. Write High-Quality Content

Content is king, you must have heard this and this is also true. If the content quality of your article will be low, then your post will not rank in the search engine. As much as you want SEO for that post, you will not get ranking as much as you use keywords.

Whenever you sit down to write an article, write it wholeheartedly. The content should be such that the user continues to read it. He should feel like he got what he wanted from this post. Search Engine likes such content.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post in 2020

4. Write SEO Friendly Long Tail Post

It has often been seen that the search engine likes the long tail post more. You can see Wikipedia's article. All articles of Wikipedia are quite lengthy and they rank higher on the first page of search engines.

There are many benefits to writing a long tail article.

➤ Lengthy Post ranks higher in search engines.
➤ A long tail article contains more information.
➤ The user stays on your post longer.
➤ Bounce Rate decreases.
➤ You can use more ads in the post.
➤ In the long tail article, we can use more keywords.

5. SEO Friendly title

Use Heading tags properly in your article. Use the H1 tag in the title of your post and keep in mind that you have to use the H1 tag only once in your post.

Apart from this, you should use H2, H3, H4, H5, as a subheading in your post.

The structure of your heading tag must be correct.

6. Write Small Paragraph

Write your own post by making short paragraphs. By doing this, the user is easily able to read your post and the structure of your post is also good to see.

Let me tell you some tips so that you can write the paragraphs of your post properly.

➤ You should not use more than 150 words in the paragraph of your post.
➤ Use 20-word lines in the post.
➤ Use the subheadings in the long paragraph.
➤ Keep only 30% of the paragraph in your article.

7. Use Internal link

The internal link means that you add a link to another post of your own blog in your post. While adding an internal link, you have to take care of some things.

➤ Add the same link in the post which is related to your topic.
➤ Try to add a link to the rank post.
➤ If you are writing a post on Quality Content, then you can give an internal link to "What is SEO".

8. Use External Link

External links are links that are taken from another website or blog. This link makes our post SEO friendly. While adding external links, keep some things in mind.

➤ Any website or blog you want to link to should be related to your post.
➤ Always add a link to the high authority website.

9. SEO Friendly Blog Post Permalink

Permalink is also called URL, optimizing permalink is a very important part of on-page SEO. It plays an important role in ranking your post.

➤ You have to use your keyword in permalink
➤ Keep Post's Permalink short.

10. LSI keyword

Use LSI Keyword while writing an article. LSI keywords are those keywords that relate with Focused keyword because your article does not rank on just one keyword. To rank the article, more keywords are used.

➤ Seo Friendly Blog Post
➤ SEO friendly blog post
➤ If you say easy language, Lsi keywords are those keywords that help the focused keyword in ranking your post.

How to write SEO friendly blog post

11. Optimize Image

It is necessary to use an image in a blog post and the image also shows about our post what this post has been written about. Therefore it is important to optimize the image. If you use SEO friendly image, then your post will rank well in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

➤ While using the image in the post, use your main keyword in the alt tag in it.
➤ The name of the image should also be your keyword.
➤ Add details related to your post in the description of the image.
➤ The size of the image in the post should be 700 * 400. This post reduces the load of the image.

12. SEO Friendly Blog Post Meta Description

The meta description article plays a very important role in ranking. In the meta tag, we have to write the complete summary of our article in a few words. The meta description should be such that, on seeing the user, he will know what he is going to get in this article.

➤ When the user searches in the search engine, then the meta description below the title is visible.
➤ The better the Meta tag, the more chances of clicking on your post will increase.
➤ This also increases CTR.

13. Do not do Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means when we use the keyword repeatedly in our post. Which is not related to our post. Some people use keyword stuffing so that their post rank can be done, but it is reversed. Instead of increasing the ranking, it starts decreasing. The search engine does not like such posts.

I advise you not to use keyword stuffing.

14. Italic the keyword

You can italic 2 to 3 Focus keywords in your article. This will give a good catch to your article and the chances of its ranking will also increase.

15. Bold the Keyword

You can bold some keywords in your post. This will enable the search engine to understand your post. In this way, your post becomes an "SEO friendly blog post".

➤ You have to bold only a few keywords and not all.

16. Grammar Mistakes

Grammar mistakes have a bad effect on your post. If there will be grammar mistakes in your article! When a user reads your article, it will be difficult to read it. Because of which it will go without reading your article completely.

➤ You must check the grammar mistakes in any post before you publish it.

17. Use Video

Use video in your post to write SEO friendly blog post. While using the video, keep in mind that the video is related to your post. You can make the video yourself or you can also use the video from YouTube.

➤ This allows the user to spend more time on your blog.
➤ Your bounce rate will decrease.
➤ The value of your blog increases.

18. Write User-Friendly post

We should write our posts as SEO friendly as well as user friendly. Because our post does not actually have to be read by the search engine, but by the user.

➤ I have seen many such posts which are not good while reading because those posts are not written to be user friendly but to rank in search engines. Keywords are used everywhere. It is not good to read at all.

19. Use keywords correctly

While writing your post, use your focus keyword in a natural way in the first paragraph and bold it. You have to do the same in the last paragraph. By doing this your post can rank in search engine.

The share of the keyword in your entire post should be only 1.5%.

20. Read Post before posting

Friends, when your post is fully written, then you should take the initiative to read it properly. I also read my post after writing it completely and ask my friends to read it too. There is a lot of benefit from doing this.

 The post's grammar mistakes come to know.
 Find out about those lines which seem strange to read.
 It Helps to use your keyword in the right place.
 It is known whether the structure of the post is correct or not.

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Conclusion: Friends, I hope you have got a good idea about how to write SEO Friendly Blog PostIf you like the information given by me, then please share this post and comment If you have any doubts.

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