What is SEO and Why it is Necessary - Complete Guide 2020

What is SEO

What is SEO? if you want to know that then today come to the right place. Today I give you complete information about SEO

Every person wants online traffic on their website because without traffic there is no meaning. We all know this. 

Now there are many ways to bring traffic to your website. Like free and paid, but if we talk about bringing traffic through an organic way then there is nothing better than Google

Today Millions of people are using google to find answers to their questions.

But how will people come to your blog? They will come when your blog post is on the top position of Google. Whenever a user searches a query on Google, they see only the top three results at most and click on any one of them.

So how do we include our blog post in Google's top three lists? the answer is by SEO. So let's know what is SEO

What is SEO

SEO's full name is search engine optimization. SEO is a process through which we can bring our Blog Post to the top in Google's search engine so that more and more visitors can come to our blog.

Now we first need to understand here that what is a search engine?

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What is search engine

A search engine is a kind of directory where millions of website data are collected. You have to submit your website to search engines. Google has created Google Search Console for this process.

How search engine works

Any search engine works by following three steps. Crawling, indexing, and ranking. Google is the most used search engine in the world, so here we talk about only Google's search engine.


After submitting Google review all the URL which are submitted and they start the crawling. For which they have their own artificial robots.


Now what these artificial robots do is index all the websites that have crawled and keep them in their servers.


The next task is for robots that if a user searches a query in Google, then they search the best web page related to that query in those indexed websites. Google search them based on the quality and authority to Show in search engine result page (SERP). This is called Ranking.

Although Google has set 200 factors for website ranking. We will talk about the most important factors in this post below.

Now we will know how we can rank our blog on top, for which we need to know what are the types of SEO?

Types of SEO

There are mainly three types of SEO -

1) On-page SEO

2) Technical SEO

3) Off-page SEP

1) On-page SEO

When we optimize our blog according to the search engine, it's called On-page SEO.

Overall, on-page SEO, we optimize the design, content, etc. of our blog in such a way that our posts rank at the top of Google's search engine.
Now, what are the factors in on-page SEO that we have to take care of so that we can do the on-page SEO of our blog in a better way.

# 1 – Keyword Research

What is SEO
The first factor in on-page SEO is Keyword Research, but first, we know what these keywords are.

Let me explain this with an example - When we start any of our business, we first find out how much its demand is.

Just like when we create a blog on top of a topic and then start writing posts on it, first we should know what is the demand for what people search for this topic on Google? The keyword is the words that people write in the google search box.

After the keyword researching, we Blogger have to find out how many people are searching this keyword on Google, on which I am going to write a post. So that when my post is ranked, I get an idea that I can get so much traffic from this post.

You can take help from these famous tools to do keyword research

Free keyword research tool

Google keyword planner


Paid keyword research tool




# 2 – Use of Keyword in Title, Meta or URL

What is SEO

In the first step, you have researched the keyword, which is in demand. After you have to place that keyword in some special place in your post like - in the title of the post, in the meta description of the post, and also in the URL of the post.

The eyes of Google's robot in these three places and it tries to know what the post has been written about. If you used your main keyword in these three places, then Google's robot will be able to understand.

# 3 - Heading (H1, H2), Using Keywords in Paragraphs

If the title of your post is by default h1 heading, then you have to use the keyword in it and in h2 too.

Use keywords in the first paragraph and last paragraph of the post too.

But friends, one thing must be kept in mind that use keyword in a natural way.

# 4 - Keyword Density

How many times you use that keyword in a post is called keyword density.
Generally, you have to use your keyword in only 2% of the word you have written for the post.

But you also have to keep in mind that in the whole post, do not repeatedly insert the same keyword. Use other keywords related to it too. because people ask the same question in different ways on google. Also, must also use the LSI keyword.

# 5 - internal and outbound 

Google always likes posts that are intern- linked. Means Add links to your other posts. So that the user can read your other blog post and take information from it.

# 6 - Image Optimize

You must use the image first in the post because the image also helps the user to understand what the topic is about.

Reduce the size of the image and use it. Rename the image and insert the main keyword in the alt text while uploading it in the post.

# 7 - Quality content

An online business can be successful only in those conditions when content is powerful. So, Write the post on unique content.

Do not use complex language in the post, try to write the post in a very simple language.

2) Technical SEO

You have to take care of these 3 things in technical SEO.

1 - Blog Security

2 - Loading speed

3 - Measure Google robots crawl and index your website powerful.

1 - Blog Security

Nowadays, just as people are trending on the online business, there has been a lot of threat to the security of your website. You can use cache plugins on WordPress.

2 - Loading Speed

If a user clicks on the URL of your website or URL of the post on Google, then how much time Google takes to open. This is the most noticed nowadays. So you always have to keep the loading time of your blog fast. That means if your blog is open within 3 to 4 seconds, it is best. To fasten the loading speed of the blog, use composed images. Also do not use heavy themes with complex coding and remove unnecessary data from your website.

3 - Measure crawling and indexing

Like I have told you above, whoever makes a blog or website has to submit it to google search console. After they will review the content of your blog i.e. load it in their server And then show your content in your search result page, after which you get traffic.

But whether your blog has been submitted correctly in google? is google indexing your posts regularly or not? You have to see all this time to time. Check your account in google search console and analyze the data.

3) Off-page SEO

So far, we have talked about two types of SEO, now the third type is Off-page SEO. In this, we promote our website outside and increase its authority.
on the on-page we used to optimize the content and design within the blog. On the off-page exactly the opposite. We share the link of our blog to other websites and also share it on social media.

Off-page SEO is also a big factor in SEO, in which you have to make your blog strong on google and it depends on which type of website has added you in which way.

In Off-page SEO, when you add a link to your website on someone's website, you get two types of links, one do-follow, and the other is no-follow.
Google's robot will keep you high in the search rankings if you get a do-follow link, but when you get a no-follow link, then google's robot ignores it.
So in this way, you can add your website to another website or you can take a link from there which is technically called a backlink.

Guest post

The best and most popular way to create a backlink is the guest posts. In this, you have to search those websites related to your blog topic which are very popular and they accept guest posts, you just have to contact them and ask them for guest posts and then write them and send them according to their guideline. After which they have to review, they will publish your post and will give you a backlink on their blog.

Blog Commenting

If you make a nice comment on any other big blog post related to your post topic and add the URL of your post there, then you also get a backlink from there but mostly it is no -follow but No one not only makes you 100% do-follow backlinks, 20% you have to keep a mixture of no-follow, this is what Google says.

Web Forum

There are a lot of question-answer and discussion forums, which are forums related to your topic, join them but do not just add a link to your website and post there. Rather, get involved with the people there and ask questions and it gives you a lot of chances that Do-follow links will also be found and traffic too.

Competitor Analysis

The best way to create backlinks is to check the backlinks of those blogs which are related to your topic and whose posts are ranked at the top on Google, then try to make backlinks like them.

You can use - Ahref, SEO Review Tools, etc. to check backlinks.

Social media

Nowadays you know how popular with google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become popular, you have to create a page related to your blog on all these social media platforms and share every post here google now It also sees how popular your blog is on social media.

Why SEO is important

So far we have known what is SEO and what are the types of SEO, but what do we benefit from doing SEO - why is it so important? So let's know.

1 - Free Organic Traffic

The first advantage is that we all know that in today's time the whole world uses Google to find the answer to any question and the topic on which we have created a blog, millions of people will also search on Google now. When we do SEO for our post, then our post will come on top of google, and then whenever the user searches related to our topic on Google, then they will show our post and they will come to our blog by clicking on it, we have got traffic. for free.

2 - Targeted Traffic

Second, because he needs answers to his question, he has clicked on our post, meaning that we did not force him to read our post. He needs it, so if the user likes the answer then he will join us, it can become our permanent user, this is the biggest advantage of doing SEO. Apart from this, you do not have to pay any money in this type of promotion, just work hard.

SEO Techniques

Now there are also techniques of doing SEO which people adopt, let me tell you about the main two.

1.  White Hat SEO

2.  Black Hat SEO 

1. White Hat SEO

These techniques are very simple that you have to optimize the content of your blog in the same way as Google has said in its guideline. And I will also tell you that you should also adopt the same method. Do SEO on your blog like Google said.

2. Black Hat SEO

And when you use Google's guideline to dodge the rankings, then it is called Black Hat SEO. But this can also have a very bad effect on your blog, your blog may penalize on google. In this way, usually, people create backlinks incorrectly or add more keywords to the post than content.

Difference between SEO and SEM

Many times people are confused in these two words, what is the main difference between SEO and SEM? So let's understand. SEO means "Search Engine Optimization" and SEM means "Search Engine Marketing"


As I have already said that SEO (search engine optimization) is a way through which you can get traffic to your blog for free from Google or any search engine, for this you do not have to make any investment, just optimize your blog According to the search engine.


This is a paid promotion method when you run an ad campaign related to your website on google, for which Google has created one of its platform Google Ads, and there you have to pay, then it is called SEM (search engine marketing). basically, this is an online paid promotion method.

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Conclusion: This is all about What is SEO and why it is important. Hope you understood very well. Please share this post and comment If you have any doubts. 

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